This competition runs uniquely as a specialty event.
Twenty five athletes are invited from all four corners of the globe, including four who call the break their own, the local crew.
The event is directed by and in conjunction with Surfing Australia.

About Shark Island Challenge

Nestled in the far southern reaches of the Sydney Basin protrudes a rock island of true mortal consequence. An island so shallow that many athletes who have dared to take on its ferocious nature have crawled away licking their open wounds time and time again.

The inception of the SIC took place back in 1997 and it immediately had an impact on the world’s competitive bodyboarding stage.

Drawing in a range of international riders to come up against the best local talent has been the cornerstone of success in relation to engagement and viewership for this prestigious competition, indicating that’s the format to go with again.

2024 Shark Island Challenge

The event waiting period is to span from the 24th May & concludes  30th June 2024 (a possible extention can be granted if ideal conditions don’t arise, allowing for the best swell, wind and tide for maximum viewership and media impact.) During this time media releases & content will be released periodically to keep engaging with the public as the waiting period runs its course.

Three specialty events will encompass the waiting period:

  • Launch party & heat draw (80 attendees)
  • The competition on Cronulla Point/Esplanade (5000 attendees)
  • Presentation event at Kurnell Rec Club (200 attendees)


Shark Island Challenge History


  • The last event had 553,000 YouTube views (2016)
  • Featured digitally across all national news outlets, including the local Sutherland Shire newspaper, The Leader.
  • Special feature aired on Channel Nine Wild World of Sports program. The SIC is recognised globally by the greater surfing community to be one of the most dangerous and honourable contests to be a part of, holding stead as one of the most challenging waves in the world

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